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Manual Au Seize powerful sucker for gold and gems material extraction from bedrock cracks and crevices

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  • Interchangeable OD 25mm plastic and 15mm aluminium diameter suction nozzles.
  • Quick release mitigated return gold capture cassette chamber.
  • Compact (overall dismantled length: 400mm) with support handle provides effective gold retrieval.
Use: Crevicing is a effective method of extracting concentrated gold and gems from cracks or crevices in the bedrock.
Colour: Black
Brand: Au Seize
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Product (SKU: 1099):

Au Seize Pro Crevicing Pump Dredge
Price Each: £59.95
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Product Information

Crevicing is a method of extracting gold from cracks or crevices in the bedrock.

We first designed this model in 2013 and it’s been refined and improved several times to perfect and finally make available for sale. Unlike a standard pump the gold capture cassette retains material to then be emptied out then panned.

Easy and effective way of retrieving material and gold from both above water line (requires suction barrow primed with water) and below the water line.

Made from PVC, aluminium, proxy resin and stainless steel with spring loaded quick release latches.

Below water line suck material up with the strong suction and above water line suck up water from a bucket and blast into the crevices to break up material and then suck it up.

68mm diameter end capped suction barrel with T-Grip pumping handle and a solvent welded support handle.

Quick release 400ml capacity gold capture cassette fitted with a rubber o-ring for better vacuum and stability. Provides an easy way to dismantle and remove material rather than a “twist-to-release” cassette which can lockup and jam especially in cold conditions.

Supplied with two interchangeable suction tubes; one 25mm plastic 200mm total length (nozzle protector fitted) and one 15mm aluminium suction tube 300mm total length.

Purchase 25mm PVC electrical conduit tube from most UK DIY shops and cut down to own size requirements.

A 2 meter length of 25mm PVC electrical conduit pipe maybe purchased for approx. £2.00; and can provide lots of nozzles!

Solvent welded support handle, Interchangeable suction nozzles and quick release gold capture cassette. Au-Seize innovation

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