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Process stream bed material manually using your Customised Au Seize 68mm diameter hand gravel pump gold dredge.

About this item

  • Less Effort
  • Better Suction
  • More Action
  • Customize to your requirements
Use: Remove pay dirt from stream beds by manually sucking up material and pumping it out for processing, to separate the gold flakes and nuggets.
Colour: Black
Brand: Au Seize
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Product (SKU: 1012):

Au Seize Customised Gravel Pump (68mm Diameter)
Length (Excludes Handle):
Nozzle Protector:
Support Handle:
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Product Information

68mm Diameter Gravel Pump

The "Less Effort, Better Suction, More Action" Pump

The gravel pump is used to suck up material from the river and stream bed, using a very strong suction provided by a manual bicycle pumping action.

The overall diameter is 68mm with an internal diameter of 65mm, made from strong durable black PVC, and is lighter in weight than other pumps on the market due to its aluminium internal piston rod construction.

As standard they are fitted with either our fibre glassed plastic or Nylon "Top Cap" and D-Shape spade handle.

These pumps are custom made to your requirements where you can specify the length of the pump (in increments of 50mm), plastic, stainless steel nozzle end protector or none, and if you want a support handle fitted.

The support handle is chemically welded on to the pump and will not break off. It really makes a huge difference in preventing the pump from sliding through your hands, especially in cold weather, and stabilises the pump when lifting out of the stream to pump out the sucked up material. This also helps to prevent damage to the internal piston rod, which pumps without one fitted can incur.

The Nozzle Protectors reduce or stop wear to the end of the pump whilst hitting bedrock and pushing into the stream gravels.

The Top Cap makes the pump easier to use, and reduces cracking to the top of the pump. It has an internal aluminium tube inserted to reduce wear and tear to the centre hole.

The longer the pump the deeper you can work, however this can also lead to sometimes difficulty in use.

The suction is very strong due to our own unique piston design, where other pumps on the market use old methods like a ‘Tennis Ball’ to create the suction.

The pump is of high quality made to last with components made from, uPVC, fibreglass, aluminium and stainless steel (A2 / 304) grade. There are NO zinc plated parts in use, making this pump very durable for use in water and marine environment

The pumps are made with either green, black, red or orange D-Shape handles and unfortunately cannot be chosen by the customer, as this depends upon what colour we hold in stock at the time of manufacture.

Solvent welded support handle, piston suction rings assembly and stainless steel threaded bar resin fitted piston. Au-Seize innovation

All measurements and weights are approximate, and colours may vary.

Images are for illustration purpose only.

Manufacturing Lead Time (10 Normal Working Days)
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Best handmade pump
I ordered this pump with a steel-cap and a length of 110cm! Its a very good and high quality, nearly undistroyable! Perfect, thank you very much!
Bernd Bachtle (Helmsdale)
14 April 2017