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Privacy Policy

In General

Unless we say otherwise, we use the terms 'GPE', 'Gold Panning Equipment', 'we', 'Our', 'us' 'This Site', 'Webmaster', 'Administrator', 'This Website', 'moderator', 'moderator's' throughout this website to refer to this website and its company including employees.

Unless we say otherwise, we use the terms 'You', 'Your', 'Yours', 'User', 'Users', 'Consumer', 'Customer', 'Post Owner' throughout this website to refer to whoever is accessing this website, using it's service(s) including placing an order to products or items advertised for sale.

We Are Commited To Privacy

This notice is made available where any personal identifiable information is requested and can be accessed by clicking on the link "Privacy Policy"; which can be found at the bottom of its web page.

The Information We Do Collect (and how it is stored)

Personnel Identification Information (PII)

When you register on this website the personel details you provide (registered account) are saved electronically in our database(s). Such personel details as listed below herein we refer to as "Your Registerd Contact Details".

  • Title
  • First Name
  • Last Name
  • Postal Address
  • Email address
  • Phone number(s)

When you place an order (wherever or not the order transaction completes, fulfilled, rejected, fails, cancelled or returned), Title, First Name, Last Name, Delivery Address, Phone Number and Delivery Instructions, and the order contents you provide (herein we refer to as "Your Order Details"); are saved electronically in our database(s). Your payment is processed by PayPal and we receive email confirmation of Your Order Details and payment cleared from PayPal.

Security Measures & Activity Monitoring

Access attempt information and traffic information including your computer, your domain name, IP address, operating system, browser version, the website you linked from to our website, how long you stay on a page and the route you took to navigate through this site pages is saved electronically in our database(s).

Each time you log into your registered account, update your Your Registerd Contact Details, a history is kept of such activities / changes and saved electronically in our database(s).

The Information We Do Not Collect

Payment - Debit / Credit Card Details.

We do not take payments over the telephone.

The Way We Use Your Information

To fulfil services to you for example when you order goods from this site.

Whilst Accessing this website Security Measures & Activity Monitoring information is generally used in order to help us develop the website, maintain security, and improve our service.

Your Registerd Contact Details updated information history we may use to help resolve issues resulting in changes made.

Aggregate information and statistics (excluding personal identitiy information) may be kept to help us monitor and improve our services.

Who We Share Your Information With (and how it is transferred)

We do not share any of your details with outside parties (with the exception of the event of a third party purchase or transfer of our assets and business), unless required to process services we provide to you.

Your Order Details is provided to couriers for them to deliver your goods, if goods are shipped directly to you from our suppliers then we may forward your details for this direct delivery.

Your Order Details are also electronically transmitted to the Payment collection service provided by PayPal. When you use the “check out” on this website you are re-directed to the PayPal website payment page. Here you can choose to checkout as a guest and pay by using a Credit / Debit card. The various page form details are pre-populated for your ease.

We may need to disclose your personal data where we are under legal duty to comply with legal obligation or enforce such, protect our rights, property or safety of our customers and fraud protection.

In the event of any third party purchase, or to which we transfer our assests and business, we will use resonable efforts to ensure that the entity to which we transfer your information uses it in a manner consistent with this policy.

This website, its contents, emailing system(s) and our database(s) are hosted on third parties Internet service provider platforms. The data we collect is not for their use.

Your Data Security And Our Commitment

This website employees electronic, encrypted, processes and managament procedures to safeguard and secure the information that is communicated and transmitted to and from it. Secured by 256 bit SSL encryption.


We monitor access attempt information to help protect your personal data and identify illegitimate usage attempts.

The Period For Which We Keep Your Personnel Information - You Are In Control

As a general rule, we will keep the information you provide when you register on this site, together with any updates you make or provide to us, for the duration of your registration, until you request us to remove your personnel information from it.

Your order history pertaining to your personal information will be kept for 7 years due to both legal purpose and our accountancy requirements. However after this term for your convenience we will keep it for the duration of your registration, until you request us to remove your personnel information from it.

Security Measures & Activity Monitoring

Your personnel information will be removed from Activity Monitoring and your account access and change record, 12 months from the time it was recorded each time you log back into your registered account (other than the information pertaining to when you first registerd your account).

Product Review

Product Reviews left will be associated with your registered account for the duration of your registration, until you request us to remove your personnel information from them. This is because we may offer discount codes to be applied to later purchases in later years.


All posts including replies you place using a "Nick Name". As such these will remain in their entirety at our discretion. Therefore you should NOT disclose any personnel information which would be visible to the public when using this service such as submitting a post or leaving a reply.

If you don’t log back into your registered account within 24 months we may deem your account to be inactive and no longer required. As such we may close your registered account by removing your personal information from it.


We are committed to ensure that you are able to keep your information kept accurate and up to date.

You can amend your Registerd Contact Details by signing into your account.

You can contact us to make changes to other information such as order details. You will be taken through our security process to confirm your identity. However we may require either written or email confirmation for such changes.

If at any time you wish to have your personal identity information removed please Contact Us. You will be taken through our security process to confirm your identity. However we may require either written or email confirmation for such changes.


When using any service on this website, including but not restricted to; registering, updating your Your Registerd Contact Details, ordering from this site, leaving product feedback and using the forum you may receive various communication informing you of such.

Including but not restricted to; we may from time to time have to telephone, send SMS notifications or emails to you, to discuss various aspects, or provide updates relating to your registered account information, using the forum or your order you have placed.

If your registered account has not been visited within 24 months we may contact you via telephone, email or SMS notifying you that your account may be closed if you do not log back into it within a certain period.

When we update various site content such as terms and conditions, policies and other details relating to our services we may comminucate via email, SMS or telehpone.

We currently do not send out any marketing communication either by email, SMS or telephone calls (unless communication).

Cookie Policy

Cookies are small files stored on your computer.


We use cookies to service your shopping and usage experiance on this Website.

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