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About Us

2020 - Business Re-Launch.

Reopened for trade Oct 2020.

This is a small family run business, operating part time in the evenings and weekends to process orders.

Orders can be placed online at anytime (subject due to website online processing reasons beyond our control).

Best time to Contact Us via telephone is United Kingdom time:

Mon-Fri Evenings between 18:00pm and 21:00pm.

Sat-Sun between 09:30pm and 17:30pm.

However, please don't hesitate to Email us at any time.

May 2016 - Oct 2017 - Website & Market Place Proof Of Concept

I've always had an interest in precious metals, gem stones and crystals, so I decided to take up recreational gold panning.

Finding gold panning equipment in the United Kingdom is not as abaundant and easiy, as it is in other countries.

Purchasing from countires abroad can attract large delivery charges and not so visable import duty costs.

Our product range is by far not extensive, and at present we are not supplying power assisted gold dredging or mining equipment.

Never the less, keen in Innovation, and looking for new ideas & equipment to aid this great recreational outdoors hobby.