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Trap Gold nuggets, flakes and flour gold, with Prospecting Mining Tools using the Au-Seize 800mm long Blue Adventurer Portable River Gold Sluice Box.

About this item

  • Efficient at catching flour gold, fine gold, flakes as well as nuggets
  • Works well in slower to fast flowing water
  • Extremely strong and durable
Use: Recover gold from stream and river gravels by the flow of water taking unwanted material out of the sluice, whilst the heavier material and gold gets trapped in the sluice riffles.
Colour: Blue
Brand: Au Seize
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Product (SKU: 1057):

Au Seize Adventurer River Sluice Box
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Product Information

The Au Seize Sluice Box is a great lightweight, strong and compact sluice for fine flour gold to nugget recovery, for working in small streams to larger rivers.

You can pump material directly into the sluice, however it’s best practice to classify the material down in size first.

When pumping material directly into any sluice box, the larger stones and rocks can upset the eddy currents and material trapped behind the riffles, and may result in gold being dragged out of the sluice.

  • Efficient at catching flour gold, fine gold, flakes as well as nuggets
  • Double step riffle design
  • Works well in slower to fast flowing water
  • Flared opening with inspection riffles to immediately spot gold flakes
  • Easy to empty out for final quick and easy clean up
  • 790mm long, fits in popular sized 65 + 10 Litre Travel Rucksacks
  • 320mm wide at the flare end, and 285mm at the exit
  • Light Weight (1.7 kilograms)
  • Extremely strong and durable
  • Flexible enough to avoid certain breakages if dropped
  • Blue in colour to show up even fine gold easily

This sluice box is constructed of fibreglass under high pressure, using Lloyd’s Approved resin.

It’s double step riffle technology has been carefully designed to clean out of lighter and bigger material, even in slower flows of water, leaving only heavier materials trapped behind the riffles, whilst retaining the smaller flour gold.

The sluice comes with the holes pre-drilled to accept the Au Seize Sluice Feeder / Hopper Box

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How the sluice performed
I used this sluice at wenlockhead and I found it to be very strong and robust easy to set up in fast and slow moving water I found very small flakes and larger pickers with it so it can find gold of all sizes this is a grate sluice thanks :-)))
Chris (Wenlockhead)
8 May 2017