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In General

Unless we say otherwise, we use the terms 'GPE', 'Gold Panning Equipment', 'we', 'Our', 'us' 'This Site', 'Webmaster', 'Administrator', 'This Website', 'moderator', 'moderator's' throughout this website to refer to this website and its company including employees.

Unless we say otherwise, we use the terms 'You', 'Your', 'Yours', 'User', 'Users', 'Consumer', 'Customer', 'Post Owner' throughout this website to refer to whoever is accessing this website, using it's service(s) including placing an order to products or items advertised for sale.

Off the Shelf Standard Stock

Orders excluding either "Made Per Order" or "Customised Item" items, depending upon stock availability, delivery is usually beteween 3 - 7 Minimum Working Days after despatch.

Made Per Order or Customised Items

Orders excluding either "Made Per Order" or "Customised Item" items, depending upon stock availability, delivery is usually beteween 3 - 7 Minimum Working Days after despatch.

Products 'Made Per Order' are hand made on an order by order basis. In addition to delivery, please allow for the further Manufacturing Lead Time, which is displayed for the actual product in Minimum Working Days .

The Manufacturing Lead Time is provided as an estimate only; as products are made by hand and individually per order.

Products, Order(s) & Despatch

Where we encounter busy periods with multiple orders, manufacturing times will take longer. Please bear this in mind before ordering as any products Customised Item cannot be cancelled once manufacturing has commenced.

We hand make for robust quality in mind, so that such products are fit for the purpose they are intended for.

If an order is placed, however for some reason products are then 'Out Of Stock', we will try to get orders despatched within 7 to 14 days, depending upon delivery from suppliers.

Orders which contain products which are 'Made Per Order', 'Customised Item' or become 'Out of Stock' may be held until the complete order can be despatched in one shipment.

The postal or courier delivery service requires a signature upon delivery. Please ensure your supplied delivery address, or if you have provided delivery instructions are correct; and that you are available to take delivery.

Due to the current COVID-19 pandemic, delivery's may be left at your door with a photo being taken as confirmation of delivery.

Therefore if you can not be sure your availability to take delivery, please contact us as soon as posible and prior to despatch, so that we can discuss alternate delivery arrangments; otherwise you are happy to accept responsibility for costs including products damaged, loss of, or are unrecoverable.

When a product is delivered the risk of damage to or loss of the product passes to you.

You are responsible for loss of costs and delivery charges to us for goods and products which have been delivered to your supplied delivery address (or as instructed by your Delivery Instructions); where either the address details (or your Delivery Instructions) is incorrect for you to take ownership or products delivered are unrecoverable.

We reserve the right to charge you for any damage to products that have not been paid for, or for loss of products to which you have arranged for their return.

We shall not be responsible to you for whether health, death, incidental, special, indirect or consequential for, loss or damage, any loss of profit, loss of sales, loss of goodwill or reputation or damage to, loss of business, any third party claims, pure economic loss (direct, indirect, express or implied) arising from the use of any product purchased. You agree to take all necessary precaution and care whilst using any of our products, and accept full responsibility and use at your own risk.

When ordering on this website, we will Deliver to:


Please note:

UNITED KINGDOM delivery, also includes delivery to the Isle of Man and to the Channel Islands (Jersey & Guernsey).

However, we may be able to deliver to other locations.

For delivery to other destinations, please Contact Us, so that we can calculate the correct delivery charges for you.