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Gold Panning Equipment have years of experience designing and making gold prospecting tools mainly for recreational hobbyists.

We pride ourselves on providing the Au Seize range of equipment fit for purpose which can be used in conditions where their durability can be pushed to the limit.

Such equipment has been refined and tested over years to provide the best user experience and results; from sucking up gravels from streams, extracting gold from cracks and crevices using environmental friendly techniques and finally gold recovery.

Other tools we purchase and retail have been carefully picked to support this activity.

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New to gold panning and prospecting

Recreational gold panning is a great outdoor activity that all the family can participate in and enjoy.

You may have some great experiences, not only with finding your first gold flake, maybe a nugget or even gem stones; but you will most certainly enjoy the therapeutic walks through the beautiful countryside and along the various streams.

Ideal Minimum Gold Panning Equipment Recommended

Estwing 14" Black Plastic Gold Pan - 9oz (Medium)

Garrett 14" Diameter 1/2" Hole Plastic Sifter - Classifier

Au Seize Customised Gravel Pump (68mm Diameter)

Au Seize 150mm Long Underwater Viewing Scope

Au Seize Snuffer Bottle

Clear PLASTIC 7ml Vial With White Cap

Builders Bucket

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